2005-yz250-199This spy photo of the aluminum frame YZ125 came out at the end of 2003. About a year before the 2005 YZ125 aluminum frame got released to the public and  went onto showroom  floors. 

The All Japan Nationals are where you’ll find the manufactures biggest secrets if you look close enough. The Japanese manufactures seem to race test all there parts and new models before production. The problem is, it doesn’t take long before someone recognizes the top secret part or bike and takes a picture of it to exploit it to the world.

2005-yz250-200The prototype YZ125 engine was almost a replica of the engine that went into production in 2005. The engine was 4 pounds lighter than the 2004 YZ125 engine. 

In 2003, Yamaha had been in the final stages of their aluminum frame YZ125 testing. One of their Factory Yamaha riders, Shinobu Idehara was the lucky one that got to race test the prototype bike. Yamaha tried to disguise the bike by painting the frame the same color blue as their steel frame YZ125 as well as using the same graphics as the 2004 production model.

When this spy photo was leaked, the pubic noticed the frame was different and many people thought it was aluminum, although no one could be sure until the bike was released over a year later.

2005-yz250-387Here is the 2004 Yz125. Can you point of the differences between the spy photo and this bike?

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