Two-stroke pipes are a work of art. We have put together a gallery full over our favorite two-stroke pipes throughout the years. Everything from cone pipes, nickel plated pipes, factory pipes and even pancake pipes. Enjoy and make sure not to drool too much.

brett-metcalfe-two-stroke-05-2Brett Metcalfe’s Yamaha of Troy YZ125 used a factory FMF Fatty pipe.

hon1377_adj_lrOn Ricky Carmichael’s championship winning 2005 Suzuki RM250 a works Pro Circuit pipe was used.

dke_8645This is Johnny O’Mara’s 1986 MXDN winning factory Honda CR125. They used an in-house factory built pipe.

two-stroke-pipes-9156Bud Racing pipes are built by HGS. This one is used on a 2005 Kawasaki KX125.

two-stroke-pipes-8648Honda Japan factory built cone pipe.


two-stroke-pipes-8098Bud Racing HGS pipe for a Kawasaki KX85.

two-stroke-pipes-6436Jeremy McGrath’s Peak Honda CR125 used a works Pro Circuit pipe. 

two-stroke-pipes-4848We recently tested this FMF Factory Fatty on our 2017 KTM 250SX.

two-stroke-pipes-0862A Bud Racing pipe on a 2003 Honda CR250.

c1dt8axusae7tv0-jpg-largeScalvini cone pipe on our 2017 Husky TC250.

two-stroke-pipes-4435FMF Factory Fatty on our 2016 KTM 150SX project bike.


two-stroke-pipes-6434Jeremy McGrath’s factory 1995 Honda CR250 had a full in-house works cone pipe.

two-stroke-pipes-3143Our Twisted Development 2007 YZ250 was built with an FMF Factory Fatty.

two-stroke-pipes-0934We used a Works Pro Circuit pipe on our 2015 Yamaha YZ125 project bike.

two-stroke-pipes-0902We bolted this nickel plated FMF Fatty on our 1994 Honda CR125 project bike.

tested-bills-pipe-tc250_1-750x500We tested this Bill’s pipe on our 2016 Husqvarna TC250.


two-stroke-pipes-500We have been currently testing this 2002 KX500 project bike. There is a custom built FMF Gnarly pipe on it. The full article will be published in the April issue of MXA.

two-stroke-pipes-19This is Hakan Carlqvist’s 1983 World Championship winning Yamaha YZ490. It had what was called a “pancake pipe” that was used as a scoop to draw air through the cylinder fins 

two-stroke-pipesScalvini pipe on a Yamaha YZ125.