An old RM250 engine stuffed into a new-age aluminum RM-Z frame. Ain’t she pretty.

This past weekend at the Atlanta Supercross, an aluminum frame Suzuki RM250 sat in front of Malcolm Stewart’s Ride365/Seven semi. There was talk that he would race it or use it in opening ceremonies, but it is as good as a paperweight inside the stadiums. Why? Three reasons. (1) No Japanese manufacturers two-strokes are approved to race. They didn’t pay the $3000 homologation fee to get them approved. (2) The only two-strokes approved are the 2015-2017 Husky TC250, 2016-2017 Husky TC125,  2013-2017 KTM 250SX, 2014-2017 KTM 125SX all because the Austrian juggernaut fronted the money. (3) No bike older that five years old can be raced in an AMA Pro race.


450sxThese are all the bikes homologated to race in the 450 Supercross class. No more no less. 

You’d think that the promoters would let Malcolm ride it during opening ceremonies, but the answer is no. The reason Malcolm can’t ride it in opening ceremonies is that only the top ten riders are invited. As of right now, Malcolm sits 17th in points and is 35 points out of 10th. Feld could, however, flex its muscle and  get the AMA to let Malcolm ride the two-stroke during opening ceremonies—the rules have been stretched many times before. But, the Feld execs probabaly don’t know the difference between a two-stroke and a four-stroke.

malcolm stewart rm250-5263A-Kit Showa forks are on Malcolm’s RM250. 

We do have to say that this RM250 is an awesome looking bike. It looks like the engine is stock, but has an FMF Factory Fatty pipe and A-Kit Showa forks and shock. Boy would we like to see this bike in action.

malcolm stewart rm250-5260FMF Factory Fatty looks great on the RM250. 

malcolm stewart rm250-5265The rear wheel of Malcolm Stewart’s smoker.