Jeremy McGrath won 14 out of 15 races in the 1996 season on his Honda CR250.

Justin Luke Steyn loves to build legendary replica bikes. He has a true to life Ricky Carmichael 2002 Honda CR250 and this Jeremy McGrath 1996 Honda CR250 replica. How did he get his hands on these parts? Some can be obtained through aftermarket companies while others are from secret sources. Here are a few a details Justin included into his replica build all the way down to the tires. This just might be the world’s mot accurate replica. If you have anything closer than this, send you submission to

Jeremy Mcgrath 1996 cr250-6252-2This is a HRC replica cone pipe. 

·         Cloth Renthal bar pad
·         HRC replica triple clamps with machined magnesium casting marks in the bar clamps
·         HRC replica waterpump guard
·         HRC replica pipe and silencer

Jeremy Mcgrath 1996 cr250-1Those are original Throttle Jockey Factory graphics. 

·         280mm front disc and 1997 rear disc
·         Showa Twin Chamber forks
·         HRC zip ties
·         Legit leftover Throttle Jockey decals, in the correct Nuclear red color

Jeremy Mcgrath 1996 cr250-3Notice the carbon fiber silencer, billet top clamp and 280mm front rotor. 

·         Period correct Dunlops, now obsolete
·         All NOS OEM Honda plastics – not cheap and not easy to find