TWMXRS Racer Profile

By Chase Curtis

Matix Soto, 13

Hometown: Temecula, CA

Sponsors: Temecula Motorsports, Split Designs, FMF, Bell, Oakley, Icon Sports Performance, Matrix Concepts, Ethika, Matix Clothing

Matix Soto is a regular at the TWMX Race Series events. The 13-year-old is one of the youngest in his class; but proves he has the speed and talent to hang with the top guys in the 125 open class. With the bump up to big bikes, Matix has recently started training with Icon Sports Performance to increase his fitness, and better his ability on a bike. Soto’s style and capability on a big bike is nothing short of impressive, especially considering his age. Aside from motocross, Matix enjoys shooting, fishing, and hanging out with friends. Matix Soto continues to impress aboard his Yamaha YZ125, and looks forward to improving as a racer.

You recently made the move up to big bikes, how was the transition to a 125?
The 125 is a lot different than my 85, but I like the 125 way more. One of my favorite things about my 125 is the bigger wheels, they make braking bumps and ruts seem a lot smaller.

What makes you enjoy the TWMX Race Series so much?
TransWorld always puts on a good race series. It’s fun coming out to the races with friends, and being a part of the motocross community.

How do you like being homeschooled?
Being homeschooled is awesome! It’s real easy, as long as you do your work and turn it in, you’re solid. I think homeschooling helps with my racing, rather than spending a majority of my day in class, I can train and ride.


You train at Icon Sports Performance, what all do you work on there?
I work on about everything there, we do upper-body, lower-body, and core exercises. I’ve noticed a huge difference in my fitness and riding since I’ve been working out there, I am able to do much longer motos out on the track.

You weren’t on a Yamaha during your time on 85s; what made you choose to ride a Yamaha when you moved up to 125s?
Before I bought a Yamaha, I was able to ride many different 125s. I felt most comfortable on the Yamaha, so I decided that a yz125 was the bike I wanted to ride and race. The Yamaha yz125 is a great bike, and I’m happy to be on it.

What hobbies do you have other than motocross?
I really enjoy going shooting, I used to have a little shooting range in my backyard, but now I go shooting at my friends’ houses and local ranges. I have fun mountain biking as well, which is awesome because it also contributes to training. I love hanging out with friends, and maybe going fishing. Overall, I just enjoy having a good time.


Does mountain biking help with your ability on a dirtbike?
Yeah, mountain biking definitely helps a lot! Since I’ve started cycling, my endurance has improved tremendously. Mountain biking is a big reason as to why I’m able to complete much longer motos now.

When did you start riding and racing motocross?
I first started riding motocross at the age of four. I began racing when I was five years old.

What got you into the sport?
My dad’s friend used to ride in the desert all the time. Hearing about how much fun he had riding made me want a bike, so after some time, I convinced my dad to buy me a dirt bike. I got my first dirt bike for my fourth birthday, and I’ve loved riding ever since.