TWMXRS Racer Profile

By Chase Curtis

Drake Evans, 19

Hometown: Reno, Nevada

Sponsors: Gaerne, Answer Racing, EKS Brand, Bell, Factory Backing, Pro Taper, Mobius, Schmidt Racing, c4MX, Yoshimura, Simi Valley Cycles

Injuries are something that comes with racing motocross. Following his move to the Pro class, Drake Evans had a severe crash that led to five months in a wheelchair. After many injuries prior to this one, you would think the 19-year-old would be done with racing. However, during the months Drake was stuck in a bed recovering, all he could think about was getting back to training and racing. When asked why they race, riders often answer with, “It’s in my blood,” and Drake fits well into this category. His passion for racing continues to grow as he competes in the Pro class in hopes of making a name for himself. Drake plans on obtaining his 250 Supercross license this coming season, and hopes to race Supercross in 2018.

What brings you out to Glen Helen today?
I had planned on racing the Arizona open this weekend, but I had some truck issues earlier this week and had no way of getting to the race. Luckily, we fixed my truck a couple days ago and were able to come out here to have some fun and get some laps in.


You recently made the move up from B class to A class, how was the transition?
The transition to pro was hard at first, but once I got used to the top guys in the class I started to feel more comfortable. I think the riders speed in B and A class are pretty close, yet fitness and intensity make a big difference. It’s pretty cool saying you are a pro and taking home money instead of a trophy (laughs).

Almost immediately after moving up to the pro class you had a pretty rough crash…
Yeah, I was out at Glen Helen and my throttle stuck while I was approaching a jump, I bailed my bike and landed on the face of the next jump. It was a pretty bad crash. I ended up with a shattered right heel, broken right ankle, and severely bruised and damaged left ankle.

How long did it take to heal from those injuries?
It took about five months just to walk again after that crash. Once I was able to walk I tried riding as soon as possible, but my ankle got really swollen my first ride back. I slowly was able to get back into riding around the six-month mark.


Do your ankles still bother you from that crash?
Yeah! I have a lot of nerve damage, I can’t feel my right heel or move my right pinky toe.

After all the injuries you’ve had, what drives your passion to still race?
Well, I feel like I’m pretty good at it (laughs). Racing motocross is in my blood and I love it, even when I am stuck in bed recovering from injuries all I can think about is racing. Moto has always been a huge stress reliever for me.

You’ve been on a Yamaha YZ250F for about a year now, how do you like it?
I love the bike! It’s real fast and handles exceptional right out of the box. Before the Yamaha I was racing a KTM, and I was able to get comfortable on the Yamaha within just a couple rides.

What are your plans for racing in 2017?
I’m planning on racing some Arenacross races in 2017, in hopes of earning my AMA Supercross points. After that, I’ll hopefully race a couple rounds of Supercross.


What’s your favorite thing about racing motocross?
I’d have to say my favorite thing about racing motocross is all the places I’ve been able to go and people I’ve met, I’ve met a lot of crazy and cool people. It’s a real tight sport, and I love the moto community!

What would you like to see in your future involving motocross?
My goal right now is to race supercross in 2018, and hopefully gain some big sponsors to help pay for the travel costs.

Although riding and racing is such a huge part of your life, what do you enjoy outside of motocross?
I love having fun! I skate, BMX, MTB, snowboard, shoot, fish, and I also played football for 10 years, I enjoy about everything.