Swap’s Stocking Stuffers | December 14th 2016

SPY Omen Jersey Series Goggles

Price: $85

What It Is: The Omen is SPY’s top-of-the-line goggle, and it features an outrigger strap system, a flexible polyurethane frame with a wide, tall field of vision, a Lexan lens with 100% UV protection, and a sophisticated venting system. The goggle comes complete with a removable nose guard, a spare lens, and a pack of tear-offs. The Jersey Series boasts bright colors and bold designs that are patterned after those of high school letterman’s jackets.

Why It Is Cool: I’ve been a big fan of SPY ever since the brand first debuted on Jeremy McGrath’s head in around 1994 or ’95. Back in the day, SPY goggles were just a private label Scott 89, but because the name was so new and edgy, they caught on quickly and gained a ton of popularity. Flash forward to 2016 and Jeremy McGrath is still wearing SPY Goggles, but they are far from a private label version of another company’s product. The SPY Omen is a proprietary goggle that features a wide field of vision and a soft, flexible frame that conforms to most any face shape. Quad-layer face foam is super comfy against your face, and it is virtually impossible to sweat the stuff out. The lens is easy to swap out, and the tear-off system is easy to install and pull off, one at a time. I love the removable nose piece because it protects my nose from roost, and it helps keep dirt away from the area of a goggle that usually gives me the most trouble sealing…the area around my flat-ass Japanese nose. (Haha!)

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