Ryan Dungey is technical perfection. When Ryan Villopoto retired, many were wondering who his successor could be. Ryan Dungey was always on the short list, but his starts were mediocre and he didn’t exhibit the brash rough riding of his fast class peers. At the 2015 season opener, Ken Roczen looked to fill the hole Villopoto left, but injury cut his season short. Dungey won by being consistent. Aggressive didn’t describe him—as he thrived on patience. In 2016 Dungey would pressure his competition to making a mistake and then capitalize on it. Fast forward to 2016 and Ryan Dungey was dominant. It was the new aggressive Ryan Dungey. He didn’t wait lap-after-lap to make a pass. He pounced. He showed few errors and didn’t buckle under pressure. His starts which were a weakness in 2015, really improved in 2016. He is the defending AMA Supercross Champion.

450 Total Starts: 114
450 Total Career Podiums: 86
450 Total Career Wins: 30
450 Win Percentage: 26%
450 Podium Percentage: 75.4%
Consecutive Podiums: 30 (Current Record)
Total AMA Points Earned: 2414

20160409174823_Scott Mallonee_Ken Roczen_Supercross2016_indianapolisKen Roczen normally gets great starts, but in the first half of the 2016 Supercross series he struggled off the gate. By the time he caught fire, Ryan Dungey was out of sight points-wise. Fans waited all of the 2016 series to see a Dungey versus Roczen battle. It happened in Santa Clara. While Roczen had a victories in both Glendale and Arlington, Santa Clara was the first race Roczen started up front and lost. But, Roczen was hot in the second half of the Supercross series and carried that over into the AMA Nationals—where he won the 450 outdoor crown.

450 Total Starts: 44
450 Total Career Podiums: 23
450 Total Career Wins: 7
450 Win Percentage: 15.9%
450 Podium Percentage: 52.2%
Consecutive Podiums: 5
Total AMA Points Earned: 785

DSC_3526 Jason AndersonJason Anderson is old school. He wants to make passes and isn’t willing to wait for an opening to appear. He makes holes where there aren’t any. His aggressive riding is noticeable even to peers (particularly to Cole Seeley). With Husqvarna trying to become a major player in Supercross, and 450 teammate Christophe Pourcel content to ride around, the New Mexican is the de facto team leader. “El Hombre” trains with Aldon Baker — alongside Ryan Dungey and Marvin Musquin. Speed is not an issue with Jason Anderson, he just needs to get good starts and not make as many mistakes.

450 Total Starts: 31
450 Total Career Podiums: 8
450 Total Career Wins: 2
450 Win Percentage: 6.6%
450 Podium Percentage: 26.6%
Consecutive Podiums: 4
Total AMA Points Earned: 478

_DSC4638 Eli TOmacEli Tomac is the question mark. At the end of the 2016 outdoor season he looked ready to displace Ken Roczen on sheer speed — and then waxed the MXGP stars in two straight USGPs. His early trouble adapting to the Kawasaki KX450 should be way behind him heading into 2017.  However, the 2017 Supercross Championship isn’t going to be won by a guy who starts in 10th place. If Eli can pull the trigger when the gate drops, he is going to win races in 2017. He is the only rider who will definitely be helped by the slightly longer motos with the new 20 minutes (plus one lap) Supercross format.

450 Total Starts: 44
450 Total Career Podiums: 16
450 Total Career Wins: 4
450 Win Percentage: 9%
450 Podium Percentage: 36.3%
Consecutive Podiums: 6
Total AMA Points Earned: 700

_DSC5439-1 Chad ReedNobody but Chad Reed thinks that Skippy can win the 2017 Supercross Championship. But, he may want to be like Peyton Manning, and win a title before retiring, but he is actually more like Y.A. Tittle, a legendary quarterback who just kept playing as long as his body held out. Chad is a fixture. He goes back to the days of McGrath, Stewart, Windham and Villopoto. Everybody roots for him—because he’s old school. Only Mike LaRocco and Kevin Windham have had over 200 starts in Supercross. Chad is currently at 199 starts — he can get to 217 starts if all goes well in 2017.

450 Total Starts: 199
450 Total Career Podiums: 128
450 Total Career Wins: 43
450 Win Percentage: 21.6%
450 Podium Percentage: 64.3%
Consecutive Podiums: 22
Total AMA Points Earned: 3847

Whipitwednesday_Musquin_DaytonaEventually, every talented 250 four-stroke rider has to make the move to the 450 class. Last year Marvin Musqion moved up, scored 5 podiums and came within a lap of winning his first-ever 450 Supercross. Teamed and trained with Ryan Dungey (and Jason Anderson), Movin’ Marv has a first hand look at what it takes to be a Champion. Last year he got off to a slow start to the season, but steadily improved. This year he raced as many winter Supercrosses as he could and hopes to get to Anaheim 1 ready to race.

450 Total Starts: 17
450 Total Career Podiums: 5
450 Total Career Wins: 0
450 Win Percentage: 0%
450 Podium Percentage: 29.4%
Consecutive Podiums: 4
Total AMA Points Earned: 188

DSC4095 2016 Santa Clara James StewartJames Stewart is a legend. Once the fastest man on the planet — even Ricky Carmichael believed that Bubba had more raw speed than him — James was short on race savvy. Stewart has ridden his body into the ground with a mind-numbing number of crashes. He didn’t make it past the first lap of the 2016 series before he was knocked out in a collision with Ryan Dungey. And he never recovered from the effect of that concussion and the year off from his WADA suspension. Unfortunately, his great career, including 50 Supercross wins, is no longer valued by the factory teams. He’s not on anyone’s must-have list. He had a year left on his Team Suzuki contract going into 2017, but it had a performance clause that his miserable 2016 season came way short on achieving—so they dropped him. Nobody has picked him up yet. If he really wants to race—he’s gonna have to show up in the Hotel Dodge and prove his worth all over again.

450 Total Starts: 123
450 Total Career Podiums: 77
450 Total Career Wins: 50
450 Win Percentage: 40.6%
450 Podium Percentage: 62.6%
Consecutive Podiums: 7
Total AMA Points Earned: 2237