​Vital MX – In case you didn’t know, there’s a new Arenacross numbering system for 2017 and beyond. Prior to 2017, riders that finished 1st-20th in the championship ran the number they earned for the next season. (For example, if Gavin Faith finished third in 2015, he’d be #3 for 2016.) But they’ve decided to ditch that system in favor of a career number like system. Instead of career numbers, though, they are calling them elite numbers. It’s very similar to the current career number system that the AMA uses for motocross and Supercross, but there are a few notable differences. The biggest difference being that riders who place inside the top-10 each year in Arenacross can now pick any number between 2-99 as their elite number, while in motocross and Supercross a rider must win a national title to have the opportunity to pick a single digit. Also, there is not a set amount of points a rider who holds an elite number must score to keep his number for the next year in this new system. Each rider has to finish within the top-20 in points every year to keep his number, which is different from the 25 point requirement that the motocross/Superccross system has. So if you were wondering why Jacob Hayes was wearing #90 and Travis Sewell was wearing #3 during their team’s photoshoot, now you know. Scroll down to check out the exact description the 2017 Arenacross Rulebook provides. 

Race Number:

Beginning in 2017 AMSOIL Arenacross will implement a new elite numbering system in the 250AX class:

• All elite numbers must be single or double digits, no three (3) digit numbers will be accepted for an elite number.

• The current champion must run the #1. The current champion will have first choice of any available elite number for the following season in the event that rider does not secure the championship.

• Positions 2-10 from the previous season will have next choice of available numbers, in that order. Only the top 10 each season will have the opportunity to earn an elite number. You are permitted to choose numbers 2-10 or any other two digit number for the current season based on availability.

• In order for a rider to maintain an elite number they must place in the top 20 in championship points. Once an elite numbered rider does not place in the top 20, then that number will be available the following season. No other rider will be eligible to use an elite number until that said rider is ineligible.

• All other numbers outside the top 10 are reserved on a first come first serve basis by registering for a credential. For credential information contact Rachel Tillman at Feld Motorsports at 800-216-7482 or e-mail: rtillman@feldinc.com