Roger Decoster introduced KTM’s factory 450 squad. From left to right: Roger Decoster, Marvin Musquin, Trey Canard and Ryan Dungey.

Yesterday, MXA got invited out to the KTM Factory Edition introduction (find out all about the Factory Editions here) at the KTM Supercross test track. Following the FE overview, KTM introduced their 2017 team roster:


Ryan Dungey (KTM 450SXF)
Trey Canard (KTM 450SXF)
Marvin Musquin (KTM 450SXF)


Blake Baggett (KTM 450SXF)
Davi Millsaps (KTM 450SXF)
Benny Bloss (KTM 250SXF)


Alex Martin (KTM 250SXF)
Jessy Nelson-injured (KTM 250SXF)
Shane McElrath (KTM 250SXF)
Mitchell Oldenburg (KTM 250SXF)
Jordan Smith (KTM 250SXF)

Once the riders were introduced, they got geared up and hit the track. Riding sessions were spilt up between the 450 and 250 riders. We streamed a Facebook live video of KTM’s 450SXF riders which is included below.

ktm-factory-edition-2309 Jodan Smith looked comfortable on his KTM after switching from a Geico Honda.
ktm-factory-edition-2283 Alex Martin looked as if he was on rails. He has something to prove for the 2017 Supercross season. ktm-factory-edition-2274 Jordan Smith having a chat with his mechanic.ktm-factory-edition-2211 There are not many riders that use two fingers on the clutch these days. Mitchell Oldenburg is the odd man out. ktm-factory-edition-2099 With the weight and height of BTO’s Benny Bloss, we were surprised that he is aboard a 250 for the 2017 Supercross season. Although after we saw him glide through the whoops with ease faster and smoother than any other KTM rider on the track, we realized why. He will be one to watch. 
ktm-factory-edition-1995 The 2016 Supercross champ, Ryan Dungey, didn’t light the world on fire while burning in laps. Both his teammates had better corner speed and were more aggressive on the track. This didn’t mean much as Ryan always has had the ability to step it up come race day.
ktm-factory-edition-1982 This just might be Marvin’s year to be a title contender. His fluid style mixed with his new found speed just might get the job done.
ktm-factory-edition-1908 Eyes closed through the whoops might be Musquin’s secret technique.ktm-factory-edition-1861 Canard’s ability to attack the track is unbelievable. As we all know, this aggressiveness can get him in trouble. He has the speed to win races, lets just hope he keeps it together the entire year. ktm-factory-edition-1804 KTM staff and riders. 
ktm-factory-edition-1699 Alex Martin showed his flawless style each and every lap.ktm-factory-edition-1436 Blake Baggett’s strength, in the past, has been outdoors. He looked strong in practice. Can he put it together when it come go time?
ktm-factory-edition-1374 Ryan talks about the 2017 season and his racing in Europe in the off-season. 
ktm-factory-edition-1355 The legend, the myth, the hero, Tom Moen. ktm-factory-edition-1342 Blake Baggett.ktm-factory-edition-1341It was nice to see Jessy Nelson make it out. Jessy had some good news for us to share. On Thanksgiving he got some feeling in one of his legs. It is a small step, but gives hope for the future.