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Talk about an unexpected announcement. Over the weekend at the 2016 Geneva SX, we spoke at length with Kyle Chisholm about his plans for the 2017 Monster Energy Supercross season. Since Rocky Mountain ATV/MC took their title sponsorship money to a different team for the new year, the future of Chisholm’s group from 2016 was uncertain. There were other companies that had expressed interest in backing Chisholm and Bracken Hall’s effort for 2017, but Chisholm made it obvious that nothing was set for Anaheim One.

Chisholm might need an acting award for that performance, because during a press introduction on Tuesday it was announced that he will ride a Honda CRF250R for SmarTop/MotoConcepts Racing in the 250 West Coast portion of the series. This is a huge break for the number eleven because it means he’ll have full support with a quality team during a short and competitive championship. At twenty-nine years old, Chisholm is above the average age of the young class, but there’s no doubt that his racecraft will be an asset over the lesser experienced people on the gate.

Expect a full interview with Chisholm on the new deal in the next few days…