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Since 2012, Kevin McCarthy and Aldon Baker have been developing and perfecting and using MindFX, and recently we had an opportunity to chat the with McCarthy (the company’s CEO) about the product. McCarthy, who got his start on Wall Street, now puts all of his time and effort into developing MindFX and it’s minimalistic approach to delivering and maintaining mental focus for extended periods of time. This vitamin-infused powdered drink mix is a complete product that aims to provide energy and focus without the crash or jitters that are usually associated with caffeinated products. Check out what McCarthy had to say, as he provides further insight into MindFX.

Kevin, tell us a little bit about MindFX and the goal behind it.
Here at MindFX, we offer a powdered drink mix that is vitamin-infused, herbal based and all organic. MindFX effectively buffers caffeine, so you never feel it coming with the jitters and you never feel it going with the crash. MindFX helps to keep you extremely focused and one of the key ingredients we’re using is theobromine, which is the alkaloid from dark chocolate; it’s a mood enhancer. MindFX is also vitamin-infused, as we use a lot of B12, which is something that people have responded well to. I’ve been developing this product since 2012 and we’ve actually won about 16 championships through Supercross and motocross. That’s something that not a lot of people know because nobody wants to talk about it. They don’t want to share all of their secrets (laughs). I also work alongside Aldon Baker, who is one of my business partners that’s been extremely instrumental in helping us to perfect this product. We have about seven other products in the works right now that are scheduled to roll out in the next quarter or two.

In every business, there’s competition. Since there are already a few other companies out there that are seemingly similar to MindFX, what separates you from the rest?
I think what distinguishes our product from some of the others out there is that fact that there seems to be somewhat of a variation in their ingredients. Our ingredients work together much better than anything else out there on the market. What I’ve noticed with the other products out there is that they contain too many ingredients, some of which offset each other. I think the fact that we keep it simple is what separates us from the rest. This is a complete product with the Vitamin C and electrolytes, and then we loaded it up with B vitamins and adaptogenic herbs, which seem to work really well. Ultimately, this product reduces fatigue and increases focus.

It sounds like you were very conscious of the body in this product’s creation with these particular ingredients.
Absolutely! There is a tremendous amount of science behind this product, and it was actually originally developed for video gamers because of this product’s ability to sustain your mental strength for a long periods of time. There was a half a million dollar study conducted to develop the product with 81 different subjects. The study lasted for one year and immediately after they did blood tests to see what was working and what was not. I thought this was interesting, but we found that tattoo artists really like our product, as well because it’s the only thing that helps them maintain focus and energy without getting jittery. Once we transitioned into working with motocross athletes, we had a lot of people tell us how much more focused they were at the end of their moto after taking MindFX. In a sense this is almost a safety product because if your mind isn’t sharp while you’re riding a dirt bike that could spell disaster.

Essentially, it sounds like you’re aiming at the brain along with the body instead of just the body.
Exactly! Motocross racing is almost all mental and I think that’s what has helped Aldon Baker’s riders so much. Aldon uses it religiously with his riders, so it’s very reassuring to know that someone of that caliber believes in what you’re producing.

When was it that you brought MindFX to the motocross community?
I’ve been working with Aldon since 2012, so it’s been about five years, now.

Initially, what was the feedback like from the riders after using MindFX?
The response that we got was great. Obviously there’s always going to be a few skeptics out there, but actually the only issue we’ve had is that it’s become everyone’s little secret that they don’t want to talk share (laughs). This product really does seem to work great for everyone and it’s very universal. My passion is motocross, but I have a background in Wall Street, and actually even some of my Wall Street buddies use MindFX while they’re trading. Eventually will make our way into other sports, but we just felt that motocross was a natural fit for us.

So MindFX is not solely aimed at motocross racing?
No, not at all. Mountain bikers and road racing cyclists have also told me how much they like the product. Some won’t even ride anymore without MindFX. Something interesting that we discovered is that this product seems to perform better the harder you push yourself. Think of it as being responsive to your body.

In conclusion, is there anything else you would like to add?
We feel that MindFX really is a complete product. The Performance Pro version has vitamin C and electrolytes, which differentiates it from the regular version of MindFX called Performance. Performance is best used for activities that aren’t strenuous and don’t require a lot of activity or energy.

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