Just when it looked like former West Coast 250 Supercross Champion Jake Weimer would be watching the Anaheim 1 Supercross from the stands, the likable racer from Idaho got the call from the AutoTrader/Monster Energy/JGRMX/Suzuki team to fill in for Justin Barcia, who was sidelined with a broken wrist. With only a few days to prepare, Weimer was impressive as he raced to 11th in the first Supercross main event of the season.

Jake, not a bad race for only having three days on the bike! You proved a lot of people wrong tonight…
I don’t know what people expect or don’t expect from me, but there really wasn’t a lot of time to prepare for this. My intentions had been to race, so I had been working on way to go racing, but nothing seemed to work out. During the first week of December, I started to figure that I wasn’t racing and would not be on the starting line at Anaheim 1. I was so mentally frustrated and tired, which caused me to not ride as much as I would have if I knew I would be racing. I got the call Tuesday night, and I immediately took the offer. After getting the call, I had to get all my gear deals put together. I got to ride the bike one day, but then the rain and weather sorta screwed me. All in all, I am glad to be here. This is what I love to do, I’d like to say I’m racing all 17 rounds, but it is what it is and I’ll enjoy the time I have.

You looked really fast in your heat race, but it was apparent that you haven’t been riding a lot when you made a couple mistakes that were uncharacteristic of you….
During the last few weeks I haven’t been planning on racing, I had even talked about doing the Fantasy Supercross League and all that with some buddies. I’ve been training and riding, but not quite how I would if I knew I was racing tonight. I think the biggest thing was flipping that switch in my head and realizing that I was racing, not watching from a press box. Early in the day, we made a couple adjustments to help myself get comfortable. I feel that part of me was trying to ride too hard tonight, as the track was very slippery. I’m just mentally trying to get myself race ready and get everything back going in such a small window of time.


How did it feel to come out and win that semi?
That was rad, especially because I’ve never won a semi. J-Bone had wished me good luck before the race and said, “It would be pretty cool to have a semi win,” so I was pretty stoked on the win.

So, you’re pretty satisfied with the night?
Absolutely, it’s a lot to get together in a short amount of time. I’ve been riding a Suzuki, but this is a different team with different personnel, a different motor package, and new suspension guys. It’s a great bike and I’ve had a lot of fun riding it tonight, but there is a little learning curve to figuring out the motor and working with the suspension guys. There is just some little details that us picky ass riders need to adjust to.