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Dear MXA,
    I read that Honda is working on a two-stroke engine with fuel injection and even saw the patent drawings. MXA’s readership demands more information about this new Honda two-stroke.

This is old news. The motorcycle world got all atwitter (even on Twitter) in late 2015 when Honda patented a fuel-injected two-stroke engine. But don’t get too excited about it — it does not mean that Honda is going to make two-stroke motocross bikes agsin. Why not? First, this isn’t a motocross engine. Did you notice in the patent drawing the flat base that is cast into the cases. That is so this engine can be bolted to a plate, water pump or work bench. This is a light-duty industrial engine. Second, motocross engines don’t come with a stroke this long. Just the opposite. Third, take a close look at the crankshaft. The rod is offset to one side and the crank has links that pin it in place. This engine is not going to turn any rpm at all. Fourth, this engine’s fuel injection is far from the oft-dreamed-of Direct Injection. It’s as indirect as it can be. The injector is just above the crankcase (#71). The fuel is then pumped up via transfer ports to the combustion chamber. Fifth, a push rod-activated poppet-valve acts as the exhaust port. Honda hasn’t made a two-stroke motocross bike since 2007—and this engine is not going to change that.