For those with a mechanical mindset, strolling through the pits at a Supercross isn’t just about the motorcycles and riders. At any factory rig you’ll find numerous mechanics with plenty of different professional tools and setups to get just about any job done at a high rate of speed. We decided to stop by various team rigs to ask the mechanics “What’s your favorite tool and why?” Read on for their answers!

Brian Kranz
Team | Monster Energy Kawasaki
Rider | Eli Tomac
Tool | Custom 7mm T-Handle

“One of my favorite tools is this little custom t-handle we have made. We have a few bolts on our bikes that have a 7mm head, which is pretty uncommon. So we actually buy Snap-on sockets and then weld them onto a custom welded t-handle.”

Glenn Hobson
Team | Energy/Toyota/JGR/Suzuki
Rider | Weston Peick
Tool | Ruler and Tape Measure

“With motocross getting more advanced, measurements are crucial. Everything we do comes down to a few millimeters, so having an exact measurement is key.”

Nathan Alexander
Team | Rocky Mountain ATV-MC/WPS/KTM
Rider | Blake Baggett
Tool | X-ACTO Knife with built-in light and titanium blades

“It’s not necessarily my favorite tool, but it’s nice because I can make exact cuts, like what it says [Laughs]. X-ACTO! I use it a lot when I cut off parts of the graphics and plastics. I got it at Hobby Lobby and like the titanium blades, which are a little more expensive.”

Colter Ahrens
Team | Troy Lee Designs/ GoPro/Red Bull /KTM
Rider | Mitchell Oldenburg
Tool | Organized Tool Box

“It’s hard to pick one favorite tool. For me, it’s just the organization of the box. Every tool has its purpose and having it all be organized and in their own place is important.”

Eric Gass
Team | Yamalube/Star Racing/Yamaha
Rider | Cooper Webb
Tool | 8mm T-Handle

“I’d have to say my 8mm T-Handle – the tool that’s always in my hand! I feel like it’s the most-used tool in my toolbox.”

Brent Duffe
Team | SmarTop/MotoConcepts/Honda
Rider | Justin Brayton
Tool | Snap-on 3/8″ Drive Electronic Flex-Head TechAngle Torque Wrench

“It’s digital and beeps when I’ve gotten to the preferred spec, so everything is the same every time I build the bike. I just give my Snap-on guy money and he gives me tools.

Daniel Castloo
Team | Rockstar Energy Racing Husqvarna
Rider | Christophe Pourcel
Tool | KTM Sp. Wrench F.Hose Connector

“It’s a KTM OEM tool and removes the spigot in the frame that connects the radiators and runs to the head of the engine. On all KTM and Husqvarna motorcycles the cooling system runs through the frame, so if you don’t have this tool you aren’t getting it apart. I change frames at different times of the year, so this thing is clutch.”

Grant Hutcheson
Team | RCH/Yoshimura/Suzuki
Rider | Justin Bogle
Tool | Custom Swing Arm Pivot to Axle Measurement Tool

“My favorite tool isn’t in my toolbox. It’s in the truck, and it’s a community tool for all the RCH team mechanics to use, made in house by our machinist Richie (Richard Matchett.) It’s a swing arm to axle length measurement tool. A lot of times you get just the dashes to set your chain length on the swing arm and axle blocks. This is so you set one side, and you can actually insert it between the axle and the pivot and get your length of measurement. You then put it on the other side and set it so your axle is perfectly perpendicular to your pivot. The dashes aren’t always 100% accurate, but this tool is.”

Jade Dungey
Team | Red Bull KTM
Rider | Trey Canard
Tool | Intercomp Tire Gauge

“My favorite tool is my Intercomp tire gauge, because I can precisely tune in my tire pressure down to the tenth. (0.10 PSI) It’s nice to use with Trey, because he’s pretty picky on tire pressure.”

Mike Gosselaar
Team | Monster Energy/Yamalube/Chaparral/Yamaha Financial Services/Yamaha
Rider | Chad Reed
Tool | Snap-on Digital Torque Wrench

“My favorite tool in my toolbox that helps me out quite a bit is my digital torque wrench. We’re always within foot pounds, inch pounds, newton meters, KG’s – it does it all.”

Oscar Wirdeman
Team | Team Honda HRC
Rider | Ken Roczen
Tool | Toolbox Security Guard Toy

“I can’t pick one, but I keep my security guard here to make sure all my tools are safe. He’s fighting for red! I can’t pick a favorite tool though, because I don’t want to make the other tools jealous!” [Laughs]

Rich Simmons
Team | Team Honda HRC
Rider | Cole Seely
Tool | Fasst Company Spoke Torque Wrench

“My favorite tool is my spoke torque wrench, because it’s pre-set to the torque we use and it just makes everything faster and more convenient.”

Travis Perry
Team | Monster Energy Kawasaki
Rider | Josh Grant
Tool | Smiley Face Stress Ball

“My favorite tool is this smiley face stress ball from my Mom. She gets me one every year and when things are stressful it calms me down!”

Travis Soules
Team | RCH/Yoshimura/Suzuki
Rider | Broc Tickle
Tool | Snap-on Bottle Opener

“My favorite tool in my toolbox is probably my Snap-on bottle opener! Whenever all the hard work is done, you have to have a little enjoyment right?”