The 2017 Salt Lake City Supercross was a night that Yamalube/Star Racing/Yamaha’s Aaron Plessinger would rather forget. Coming into the night show, AP was only 18 points behind Monster Energy/Pro Circuit/Kawasaki’s Justin Hill, and he waisted no time in moving into the lead during the main event once the gate dropped. However, an unfortunate mistake in the whoops sent him to the ground ultimately ending his chances at possibly obtaining his first Supercross championship. The Yamaha rider has put it all in the past, though, and he’s switching gears for the upcoming outdoor championship; a series that fits right into his style of riding.

First, how are you feeling following last weekend’s crash in Salt Lake City? That was a wild one.
Yeah, I’m doing alright after the crash. Obviously I’m pretty disappointed with everything that happened, but outdoors is right around the corner and that’ll be my time to show everyone what’s up. I’m really looking forward to outdoors this year, and I’m feeling good heading into the series.

During your wild crash last weekend, you managed to break your front brake lever off the handlebars with what looked like your wrist. It turns out that it was something else, though.
I came into the whoops carrying a lot of speed-maybe even a little too much-and my rear wheel missed one of the whoops, which obviously upset my drive and momentum. My left foot ended up coming off the foot peg, so I tried my best to keep the front end up, but that didn’t exactly work. My front wheel dropped and I flipped over the bars, but the face of my helmet actually got stuck on the front brake lever at the same time, and that’s what broke it off.

Up until the crash, you were in championship contention with Justin Hill, as you were only a few points behind. What were are your initial thoughts as you felt your self about start to go down?
I think more than anything I was in disbelief. I knew that if we had won I would probably be about 10 points out or so heading into Vegas. Shit happens and that’s why they call it racing!

You’ll be able to hit the reset button in just a few weeks, as the outdoor nationals are just around the corner. The outdoors seems to suit your style of riding, so are you excited to get the season going? Maybe even make up for what may have been lost in Salt Lake?
Yeah, absolutely. I love the outdoors! I can’t wait to get to Hangtown to tear it up with all the boys. We’ve been doing a lot of testing to dial in the bike and things are looking good.

Now that there are only two rounds of Supercross left in the schedule, are you still practicing on Supercross tracks during the week or has all of your focus switched to outdoors?
Yeah, we’ll do a few days of Supercross, but our primary objective is outdoors, now. That probably wouldn’t be the case if I didn’t crash last weekend, though.

Come Hangtown, will you have any goals set forth that you would like to accomplish each weekend or before the end of the season? Winning races is the obvious answer, but are you aiming for anything a little more obscure than that?
My expectations are high and my confidence is high. I’m expecting myself to be a podium contender every single weekend, and I want to minimize mistakes as much as I can. Riding to my full capabilities is all I need to do!