The 2017 Trans Am presented by MTA Distribution is fast approaching and we are looking forward to the many changes we have made to this event. You can pre register and save money to this years event! CLICK HERE FOR THE PRE REG PAGE

The Track: Glen Helen is world famous for its huge hills and rough terrain. This year we are partnering with former pro and current R&D rider Mike Sleeter to work with the crew from Glen Helen to make a fun and safe layout. Sleeter has been racing at Glen Helen for nearly his entire life so we are excited to see what he comes up with for the Trans Am this year.

Motos: The opinions surrounding two motos or three is one that will likely go on for ever. This year the Trans Am will consist of a two moto format with longer motos for each class. Rather than three moto’s of 4-5 lap sprints racers can expect two motos lasting closer to 15 minutes each!

The Forum: Transworld Motocross is proud to bring a forum to Friday night after practice which will be held inside the Glen Helen Museum. All riders and families are invited to attend and we are broadcasting the entire event on facebook live for the world to see. We are still filling up the content for the Forum but we know 6D Helmets will host a segment that will discuss concussion awareness and helmet safety. Other categories will be surrounding suspension set up, key insight from rider trainers and a final Q&A with top industry personnel.   This will be a very informative meeting and a great way to spend Friday night. All live attendees can also expect a catered meal.

Class Structure: The Trans Am moved it’s date to earlier in the year so that it was the first opportunity for local and national caliber riders to get on a world class track and test their skills. For 2017 Trans Am is changing its class structure to be more like an AMA style structure. We feel strongly that for the size of race that Trans Am is the similarity in classes will prepare riders for what to expect at the pinnacle of Amateur racing.

1- 51cc 4-6 (10″ or 12″ wheel)

2- 51cc 4-6 Open (10″ or 12″ wheel, 51cc-62cc)

3- 51cc 7-8 (10″ or 12″ wheel)

4- 51cc 7-8 Open (10″ or 12″ wheel, 51cc-62cc)

5- 65cc Novice/Beginner (7-11yrs, Full track with hills)

6- 65cc 7-9

7- 65cc 10-11

8- 65cc Open (2nd class for the other 65cc classes)

9- 85cc/150F Novice/Beginners (Full track with hills) Big Wheels allowed.

10- 85cc/150F 9-11 No Big Wheels

11- 85cc/150F Mini Sr 12-14 No Big Wheels

12- 85cc/150F 9-15 Open, No Big Wheels

13- Supermini 1 12-15

14- Supermini 2 12-15

15- 125cc 2-Stroke Open (no pro’s)

16-  2-Stroke Open (125cc,250cc, No pro’s)

17- 125-450F Sportsman Novice (entry level novice/C racer)

18- 250F Novice/C (No 250 2-Stroke’s)

19- 450F Novice/C (No 250F allowed)

20- 125-450F Open Novice/C, Sportsman Novice

21- 250F Intermediate/B (No 250 2-Stroke’s allowed)

22- 450F Intermediate/B (No 250F allowed)

23- Schoolboy 125/250F (thru 17)

24- Open Non Pro (125-450F)

25- 250F Pro/A (250F & 450F Pro will run in same race)

26- 450F Pro/A (250F & 450F Pro will run in same race)

27- Open Pro/A (125-450F, 2nd pro class)

28- 25+ Novice/C

29- 25+ Intermediate/B

30- 30+ Novice/C

31- 30+ Intermediate/B

32- 30+ Pro/A

33- 40+ Novice/C

34- 40+ Intermediate/B

35- 40+ Expert/A

36- 50+ Novice/C

37- 50+ Expert/B/A

38- Women Open

Stay tuned for more info by simply clicking We will have weekly updates on the event, track and forum attendees. We look forward to seeing you there!